Mental Health Counseling| Youth services | CPR Training| Life Coaching

Pricing and Billing information for all Services

Life & Or Career Coaching

$75.00 Per Hour

Coming Soon* Clinical Therapy Sessions

$125 Per Hour

Supervised Visitation:

Private Referrals $50.00 Per hour.

CPR Class

$72.50 Per Person

Home Care Fees 

At this current time Home care services are NOT accepting clients 

If you are interested in signing up for our waiting list please give us a call at (860)325-2517. Services are very affordable and begin at $21.00 per hour.

In the near future we expect to accept the:

  • CT Elder Home Care waiver

  • Autism Waiver

  • Medicaid/Medicare

Please note, we currently have a Waiting List 

See FAQS page for additional fee info*

Contact us today for our very reasonable rates and see how we can be of assistance for you.